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Leadership isn't difficult

A simple and concise book explaining why good leadership isn't difficult

In reality, being a leader isn't as difficult as you might think. Regardless of where your leadership responsibilities lie - or where you'd like them to lie - it's all about getting the best out of people. And you don't need to read heavy books at university or take evening courses that cost you your personal life and marriage.

If you're a decent human being with sufficient common sense, you can create good results, while your employees can still enjoy a normal life outside of office hours.

In short, this is Per Kirchner's philosophy, who has successfully led a number of large- and medium-sized Danish companies - most recently in the IT consultancy firm, Novicell. This book describes Per Kirchner's personal reflections on what is needed to succeed as a leader. And it's actually not that difficult - you need two basic qualities; to be nice and hard working.